Unit 5:

Reconstruction & Westward Expansion

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Richmond Virginia, 1865

Unit 5 Understanding Goals

  • How successful was Reconstruction in reforming the American South?
  • How did Southern states limit the rights of African-Americans during the Jim Crow period?
  • Should the American West be viewed as a land of opportunity?

 General Resources

Homework: Rd text pp. 481-489 and complete the Presidential Reconstruction Venn Diagram .

Lesson #1: Conflicting Reconstruction Plans

UG: How were the Reconstruction plans of Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republicans both similar and different?

Vocabulary: Ten Percent Plan, Radicial Republicans, 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, 15th Amendment, Freedmen's Bureau, Military Reconstruction Act


Homework:  Research for Andrew Johnson Mock Impeachment Trial


Lesson #2: Preparation for Johnson Mock Trial

UG: Should Congress have impeached Andrew Johnson?


Homework: Research for Andrew Johnson Mock Impeachment Trial

Lesson #3: Reconstruction Station Activity

UG: What changes did Reconstruction bring (and fail to bring)?


Homework: Finish preparing for Johnson Impeachment Trial


Lesson #4: Interpreting Reconstruction

UG: How successful was Reconstruction in reforming the South?


Homework: Rd. the   "Interpreting the American Frontier"  handout and answer the accompanying questions.


Lesson #5: History & Memory

UG: How have historians differed in their interprtetations of the American West?


Homework: Work on Pop Culture Project


Lesson #6: The Transcontinental Railroad

UG: What impact did the coming of the first railroads have on the development of the American West?


Video: The West: "The Grandest Enterprise Under God" 

Homework: Rd. text pp.590-597, 600 and complete timeline on "Federal Policy on Native Americans"


Lesson #7: Native Americans & the West

UG: How did federal policies toward Native Americans evolve over time? 


Homework: Read the background on your assigned group and be prepared to play that role in a class discussion.


Lesson #8: Social Groups in the West

UG: Was the West a land of opportunity?


Homework: Complete Unit 5 Study Guide: Reconstruction & Westward Expansion


Lesson #9: Unit 5 Review

UG: To review Unit 5 skills and content.

Materials: None.

HW: Finish Unit 5 Study Guide and Unit 5 Vocabulary


Lesson 10: Unit 5 Exam

UG: Assess student mastery of Unit 5 understanding goals.

Materials: None

Homework: Bring IA research materials to class tomorrow.