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Ancient River Valley Civilizations



After hunters and gatherers began farming, they began to develop civilizations that met poltical, economic, social, and cultural needs for the people.



During this project you will complete the following tasks working collaboratively:

1. Identify and locate the four major River Valley Civilizations.

2. compare and contrast the government, economies, and social structures of the civilizations. 


The Process

1. You will be working in a team to research a specific river valley.

2. You will research the river valley civilization and make a Power Point Presentation that displays all the characteristics of the civilization.


Include the following slides in your Presentation

A. Map - shows the location of your River Valley and the Advanced Cities.

B. Government - Who lead the civilization?

C. Religion - What was the religion?

D. Jobs - What specialized jobs were there?

E. Social Classes - What were the social classes in your river valley civilization.

F. Record Keeping - What was the system of writing?  Did they have a system of math?

G. Technology - What technology did they possess?


3. As a team you will also make a 5 question quiz for your classmates based on the information you presented.

4. You will give your presentation to the class, while they take notes, and then give the students the quiz.


Day 1

Instructions on how to complete MYP research.


What is a river valley?


Rest of the time will be devoted to internet research and tasks.  (Your internet time will be limited, so listening to and following all directions is essential)


Day 2


Research Time:

- finish research

- Meet with group members to discuss the layout of your Power Point Presentation.

- Find necessary pictures from the internet to create your power point.


Day 3 - 4

Begin working on your Power Point Presentation as a team. 

You should have a rough sketch of how the poster will look.

Rehearse with your team the roles you will take in presenting your poster.

Give Mr. Fish a copy of your questions for the quiz.


Day 5

Poster Presentations:

You will present the Power Point Presentation as a team.



You will be evaluated (graded) on the following criteria as a team (see rubric):

A. Research on River Valley Civilization

B. Poster and Quiz

C. Poster Presentation


You will also receive a grade for the quizzes by each group.