IB History of the Americas Exam Review

(For Seniors Only)

This page was been designed to assist IB students in their preparation for the HL IB History of the Americas Exam (given in the senior year).  The IB Exam, also known as the "External Assessment" will consistute 80% of a student's IB Score (the other 20% comes from the Internal Assessment).

Exam Information

Sample Exams

Paper #3 Review Material by Unit

General Historiographical Issues

Top scoring essays must demonstrate a highly developed awareness of relevant historiographical issues.  Check out the "Historian's Tool Box" link for general information about theories, models, and concepts related historiography.

 Colonization to Early Republic

The Civil War & Reconstruction

The Gilded Age & Progressive Era

Imperialism & World War I

The Great Depression

World War II

The Cold War

The Civil Rights Movement


Comtemporary Issues